A Healthy Family is a Happy Family

Fresh Life Connection is a series of on-line courses based on living a Holistic LifeStyle

These online courses helps you quickly cook delicious meals, permanently change negative thinking, sleep all night, have good posture, and be motivated to take action

"Leesa's knowledge and understanding of the body, of wellness, and overall healthy living is so deep that I honestly doubt could ever be fully tapped."

Jennifer Jj Weitz Cox
Corporate Leader, Mom of busy teenages


CLICK HERE FREE VIDEO. This video walks your through planning out your healthy weekly meals. It shows you how to cook something everyone will enjoy all while staying on a budget!  

My Kitchen To Yours!

This cookbook has a sampling of recipes with everyday foods. There are 7 Chapters which introduce Chicken, Fish, Beef, Veggies, Snacks and More. Click Here For Recipe Book! 

Cook! Easy & Quick Healthy Meals

This course will take you from Planning Your Meals, to Understanding How Food Can Be Your Medicine, to Putting Delicious Meals on the Table for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. In Short It Will Bring Out Your Inner Chef. Click Here To Start Today! 


I hear ya! it feels like an endless battle. No time to cook what you know will give you energy, keep your family healthy and reduce your belly...COOK! Easy Quick & Healthy Meals is here to show you how truly simple it is to cook and still have me time!

"Leesa really knows her stuff! Excellent food from an amazing lady! Easy Peasy!"

Sheila Logan Davis
Entrepreneur, Mom of 4

Renewed Energy course has 6 categories and 17 lessons

This course is packed with everything you need to Overcome Back Pain, Stop Annoying Headaches, Stretches at your Desk and so much more!

...breeze through each lesson, take the downloads along for quick reference and be Refreshed and Renewed all day every day!  

Renewed Energy Here

P-R-A-N-A = A Life-Giving Force

PRANA is stand alone courses developed to transform your life. Each of the 5 classes will help you design Positive Thoughts, develop Restful sleeping habits, Align your posture, choose healthy Nutrition, and be motivated to take daily Action.

Click the link you want to start with or buy all 5 to completely transform your life! 

Positive Thought Rest Alignment Nutrition Action

"Leesa Scott is a seasoned, gifted and thoughtful professional. I recommend her over and over again in classes and in personal interactions."

Dawn Garman Combs
Author, Business Owner, Mom


You Know You've Been Wanting To... No NEEDING To Change How You Eat. You Read Everyday How Food Can Make You Sick OR Healthy. Why Wait Any Longer? Cook! Easy & Quick Healthy Meals Will Take You By The Hand And Walk You Into YOUR Successful Kitchen!


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Your's Free! 20 Healthy Snacks to Get You Through Your Day

There is something for everyone on this list of 20 Healthy Snacks

You'll Never Need To Eat Unhealthy Again!