2 Tips to Prevent Getting the Flu

Head this nasty flu off by implementing these two things!

We all know to wash our hands and wipe off all the handles around the house when someone has been sick, including the toilet handle. We've been told to eat more foods with Vitamin C and make a pot of fresh chicken soup. These are all great things to do.

One that I add to this list is to wash my hands after I've ordered from a menu when eating out. I always imagine someone who just coughed all over it or a snotty sticky child holding it. I know, gross. This has been something I've done for years, after ordering and handing the menus to the waiter I get up and thoroughly wash my hands before eating. I am also that person who wraps a napkin around the condiment bottle and shakers for the same reasons. 

I don't use antibacterial stuff other then the wipes at the grocery stores for the cart handles.  I think we need to be exposed to some germs to keep our immune system from sleeping on the job. Good 'ol warm water and soap will keep me healthy. 

The 2 things you might not have heard of are easy to do every single day.

In fact I've done them for so long that it's just part of my life. I don't think 'oh, I need to...' I just do it.

Is the suspense getting the best of you?! LOL 

My first tip is blowing your nose after taking your bath or shower this simple act  is one of the best ways to stay healthy year round. If you don't bathe daily then so it after you've washed your face and have moistened the inside of your nose. 

Your nose is the first line of defense. It is filled with tiny hairs and lined with a thin layer of mucus to trap bacteria. Blowing your nose at least once a day will keep this filter clean so it can continue to keep those boogers, pardon that pun, bacteria from getting into your body and causing havoc. 

The second thing to do each and every day for more reasons then preventing getting sick is drinking a full glass of pure water each and every morning before you have anything else.

Why? Well...your digestive track is just a long open pipe, kind of like the water pipes in your house. It begins at your mouth/nose, goes into your belly, large and small intestines and out your colon and bladder. If things get clogged or trapped somewhere in the 'pipe' it can cause all kinds of things to go awry.

Just like the pluming in your home you want to keep everything flowing and moving along. Drinking plenty of water each day does that. Especially first thing in the morning. Your digestive and elimination systems need that first morning flush to get things started back up after taking a rest during your sleep cycle. 

I hear some people say they don't like water or that they drink plenty of liquids.

Here's the scoop. Caffeinated beverages deplete your body of the vital water it needs to stay healthy and young. It's said for every 1 caffeinated beverage you ingest you need two glasses of water to replace what the caffeine took out.

Said another way; if you drink one cup of caffeinated coffee or tea you need to drink 2 glasses of water just to replace what the cup-a-joe caused to come out of your body. This goes for pop drinkers too! Actually, there is nothing real in pop and should probably just be avoided all together. Just my opinion. Anyway...

Blowing your nose and drinking water are two very easy things to make apart of your daily life to help you stay healthy and young. You'll be glad you did. Teach your family to do the same so it will become a habit for life. 

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