3 Tips To Survive A Summer Cold On Vacation!

I Made It! I'm Finally Here at Yosemite to Hike Amongst Our Elders...

I have wanted to hike in the forests of the oldest and biggest trees in North America for so long and I'm finally here!! But, I'm sick. I have the worst summer cold, you know the one with a raging sore throat, fever and annoying cough. Plus the achy body where all you want to do is hide in a dark room. Yeah, that one. But I've planned this week out. I have the reservations across most of central California. And I'm going to enjoy myself! Here's what I did. 

Flying into San Fransisco, going to Alcatraz and wondering the wharfs then up to wine country and then into the forest of our elders. Those majestic beautiful trees that have seen and been through so much of the history of humans here in the Pacific North West.   

But...I don't feel much like hiking miles, mostly straight up to see her wonders. Or driving hundreds of miles from the coast inward on never ending winding roads.   

So what can I do about it? I'm here and I'm going to get the most out of it! As soon as I feel the symptoms coming on I find a health food store. Here in San Fransisco, they have Trader Joes. It took some doing but I found one and went in to gather my arsenal. If you can't find a local health food store a drug store will do. 

My list is as followed; 

1- tissues, lots of tissues

2- cough drops, as natural as I can find and low or no sugar (not sugar-free, this most likely means there is artificial sugar in them)

3- echinacea and goldenseal blend in a capsule and some elderberry

4- zinc and vitamin c 

Now for my snack list; fresh apples, nuts, seeds, and kombucha. I walk past the wine twice but go back and get a bottle just in case I start to feel better. I mean I am on vacation and grapes are good for me! I also get some canned organic chicken stock and soup. I'll be staying at AirBNB's throughout my trip and will have access to kitchens. 

I am also very selective on what and where I choose to eat on the road. I look for mom and pop diners. Where the locals go and I get their homemade soups. I avoid their delicious looking desserts knowing the sugar will make it harder for my body to fight this blasted cold. I mostly drink water with a couple wedges of lemon squeezed in it, lemon fights fevers. Making sure I stay hydrated will be the main defense. Keeping all of my upper repository flowing is a key to preventing infection from setting in my sinus, ears or chest. 

And I got plenty of rest. No late nights for this gal because I have places to go and wonderful sights to see. 

I take shorter hikes and go slow. I didn't see as much as I'd like to have but what I did experience I enjoyed. I made the most of taking care of my body and appreciating the vacation I've dreamed of for so many years. 

To recap my 3 Tips to Survive a Summer Cold On Vacation.

  1. Get your arsenal from a health food store or at least put together a healthy arsenal.
  2. Eat well. Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean your body is. 
  3. Go slower and rest

And of course, laugh and enjoy lots and lots. 


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