Why Diets Don't Work!

We've All Tried The Fad Diets...

and the weight loss drinks and eating salads every day...and ... and... why can't I find something that really works to lose these extra pounds?! If this sounds like you then...

Read on to learn some reasons why! 

Losing weight and maintaining that optimal weight isn't something a fad diet will fix, sure you might lose a little weight but how much did you gain back as soon as you stopped that diet? 

The answer isn't a simple one and this isn't the place to dive deep into the complexities. Here I'll talk about the simple answer.

All too often fad diets and detoxes are designed to drop 1-11 lbs of water weight and fecal matter. Yea, I said it...poop. Many people have a whole lot of extra weight because they don't empty their bowels daily. (Which is one reason for chronic illnesses and acne, but that's a different post). 

When you stick with a fad diet for a month or so or you do a 1-7 day detox it will cause your body to eliminate. Then when you get on the scale you have dropped pounds.

But the weight returns once you stop it. You go back to your typical way of eating and get backed up again. I hear people say they have talked to their doctor and the doc tells them if you go every couple of days that might be 'your' normal. 

The body is designed that when something gets put in, something else should be stimulated to start making its way to come out. Going to the bathroom 1-2 times a day is how the body is made to work to keep toxins from building up. Have you heard the term leaky gut? Ok...so if that's how it should work why isn't that your experience? 

Here are a few reasons; if your mama was stressed or had a type A+ personality while she carried you, you might have also been 'stressed' at birth or even picked up those traits as your own. Some studies show this is a strong possibility. 

The furniture you sit on. Sitting slouched causes your posture to change. This often harms your digestion and elimination because things get cramped in there. Look at yourself or someone else who is folded over on the couch or at their desk. Notice how the abdominal area is compressed in on its self. 

Lack of movement and the clothes you choose will also be a factor. This is one reason that when you exercise, or just move more you feel better. You may not have noticed but I'll bet your digestion and elimination changed a couple of days into a new exercise program. Shoes with a heel throw off your center of gravity and cause the organs in your belly to change their position. 

Did you know you can have too much fiber in your diet? It's true especially if you're not drinking lots of noncaffeinated beverages daily. Fiber is for bulk so the large intestine has something to press against to move things along. If your bowel doesn't have the water it needs the stool will be hard and difficult to move forward. 

Poor abdominal muscle tone not only causes poor elimination it is also a huge factor in back pain. Tone tummy muscles, not tense or tight, give the abdominal cavity a border to keeps the organs from folding in on themselves. It gives the intestines something to press against to keeping contents in motion. They help the back muscles to keep you upright. Actually, most of the back muscles are a whole bunch of small muscles to allow for movement in all directions. They are really meant to 'hold' you up all by themselves. 

Back pain can be a symptom of not going often enough. 

Weak leg muscles help with circulation. When your fluids aren't moving as they should everything slows down...including...yeah, you get the idea. 

Why do you gain more weight after you've stopped a detox or fad diet? 

These are often based on the restriction of calories and amounts, which is what's needed to lose and maintain weight, but if you are restricting too much or not giving the body nutrient-rich foods it puts it into starvation mode. Literally into I'm going to starve to death which causes it to store up most of what gets put into it when you stop following the diet plan. 

What works? A lifestyle change. 

There is something in one or more areas of your life that is causing you to hold onto weight. Could it be the way you 'think' about life? Is it your lack of 'rest'Posture? Maybe poor 'nutrition'? Or is it you are just not taking 'action'

I approach life from all angles. That's what a holistic lifestyle is all about. I have developed a program that is easily individualized so it makes living a Healthy, Happy, Long Life pretty simple. You can follow me on the social sites below or go to my website to select which program is right for you. 

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