Add Flavor Without Adding Calories!!

Add Flavor Without Adding Calories!! 

Herbs and Spices are the best way I know to add flavor without adding calories. Getting to know these gems will not only help you become an amazingly good cook they will help keep you and yours healthier.

Herbs are usually referred to as the leaves of the plant. Spices are typically the seeds and stems of the plant. 

If you are just getting started building Your Successful Kitchen buy a couple different seasonings at a time and add one to varying foods until you get a good sense of how to use it. Snoop in the cabinets of your family and friends. Ask them how they use them. Ask to borrow one or two so you can try before you buy. Follow the suggestions on the jar but also think outside of their suggestions. I put turmeric on oatmeal. It sounds awful but it’s not bad with a spoonful of peanut and it does wonders for my skin! PS. It’s also touted to treat cancer.

Research has shown throughout the world that herbs and spices can prevent and treat many different health issues, including cancer, type II diabetes and heart disease.

If you are interested in learning more about cooking check out my on-line course on the home page here---> Fresh Life Connection 


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