Are You Reaching Your Wellness Goals?

If You Aren't Reaching Your Wellness Goals You Need To Look At These 5 Areas More Closely 

PRANA - A Life-Giving Force is the acronym I have used to build a successful wellness program. I've found if one of these areas are missing or lacking often times it is hard to reach and maintain any goal you have set for yourself,  especially when it comes to Health, Happiness and overall Wellbeing. 

I've been in the Wellness business since the early 90's and I've tried many of ideas and programs that seem like they would help me go through my day without pain and keeping a genuine smile on my face. 

Not long after the birth of my second child when busyness and stress were at it highest in my world I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The medical community doesn't know much about this syndrome and in the 80's they knew even less about it. What they were offering as a treatment didn't work for me so I went on a quest to live a happy life free from pain. 

For the first several years of my adult life, I worked out in a gym doing a verity of exercises. I really liked jazzercise and step myself I know! And I've always enjoyed cooking with whole foods on a regular basis.  Then I found that yoga and meditation are what worked best for me. Doing both of them, and eating well, several times a week helped keep me feeling great. In my late 40's early 50's when my life got even busier with teenagers and a growing business I started to notice my waistline. I finally understood what women were talking about when they said "if I look at that____it shows up on my ___ whichever body part holds their weight. And I was more tired and achy then I'd been in years. 

That's when I sat down with myself and had a good look at my life. I noticed I was missing days here and there doing my exercises and eating out a bit more than I ever had. I was on the go all the time and falling into bed each night from exhaustion. 

Does this sound familiar? 

I decided to treat myself as I would one of my clients. So I ask a bunch of questions about my lifestyle and put together a game plan. One that was simple to follow, made good sense for my life and was doable. The result was such a good approach to overall wellness that I made it available to everyone and it's known as PRANA.

Each letter in PRANA stands for one domain in my Wellness Program.

They are...

P- Positive Thoughts

R- Rest

A- Alignment

N- Nutrition

A- Action

Each area of PRANA is so important to the next that they build on one another and yet it doesn't matter which one you do first. The key is to make sure you are consistently hitting on all marks. 

One area might be stronger than another and that's ok. You just utilize your strengths to sure up the places that need a bit more support. For example, let's say you exercise on a regular basis but your diet is still filled with sugar and processed foods. This is probably a good reason you aren't seeing the results you would like from the workouts you are doing.  Ask yourself what is it about your diet that might be the culprit, then remove it and see how you feel. If you are having a hard time passing over these foods or if that isn't your issue ask a few more questions like...

Do you think you don't know how to cook whole foods? (positive thoughts)

Are you tired from your day and workout? (rest)

Do you feel like you deserve to eat what you like? (nutrition)

Do you have aches and pains after sitting, standing or walking? (alignment)

Do you think it takes too much time to cook at home? (action)

Of course, these are just random questions and you'll want to ask what is fitting to your life but these give you a good idea on how to approach and use PRANA as a Wellness Program. 

If you would like to know more about upcoming courses in PRANA sign-up at the bottom of this post and grab a bonus for doing so! 

"Thank You For Allowing Me To Be A Part Of Your Wellness Journey" L~




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