Avoid Cancer Causing Carcinogens When Grilling Meat

Spring is coming, Spring is coming!

and many of us can't wait to get outside to grill up some delicious meals. Grilling is one of America's favorite ways to cook and if it keeps us at home for dinner than I'm all for it!

Except...there is some pretty solid evidence showing when cooking at a high temperature like on a grill it increases cancer causing carcinogens.

The good news is I've learned how to reduce those bad boys up to 90%. Basically, you get to have your steak and eat it too! Can I get a collective high-five ^^

This is a very simple process and there is even a bonus in it for you. After you've selected your favorite cut of meat, ribeye would be mine, open a bottle of red wine. Blend a cup of the red wine with a 1/2 cup of olive oil. Boost the flavor without adding the calories by tossing in a spice or two. Place the meat in a glass dish and cover it. Put it in the fridge for at least 6 hours or you can leave it in overnight.

What does this marinate do to reduce this unwanted side effect from grilling meat? Most whole foods have some form of sugar and amino acids in them. The high heat converts them into known carcinogens. The red wine helps prevent this from happening...up to 90%! WOW that's worth losing a cup of wine.

Here's your bonus;

Since we aren't into wasting foods or beverages I think it would only be right to serve the rest of the wine to yourself and a partner or friend with dinner.

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