Try Tapping Today!


Tapping, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Have you heard of this?

If not you will...if you have, have you given it a try? This video is a guide to get you started. Just a short 5-minute round for you to have the experience and get your giggles out of the way. 

Some people feel pretty silly when they first start tapping, I know I did. I was introduced to EFT in the late 90's and have used it sporadically for one thing or another all along. Recently I've been using it on a daily basis and getting outstanding results.

I've been diving deep into my habitual beliefs. My self-talk or beliefs has shaped my life and some of them have blocked me from doing more in my life. Like the limiting belief that I'm not worthy. This is an old theme for me. I tell myself on a regular basis I'm not good enough, I say things like 'why would anyone want to listen to me" and "I don't have the right education" and so on. 

Then one day not so long ago I decided to use myself as a ginny pig. Logically, I know the knowledge I've learned over the years has a lot of value. I've seen the positive results again and again over the past 25 years of owning my wellness business by the people who have trusted me to come to my office for coaching or an injury and they get better! They are grateful and see the value of referring their family and friends to me.

Heck, my business was built on physician referrals, so you'd think if a doctor sees the benefit of their patient who is getting a treatment from me there would be no reason for me to feel the way I do! But, these old thoughts are always sneaking in and blocking me from offering the best of self. 

This post isn't easy for me to write because it's very personal. I believe I've been able to share this with you because I've been dismantling the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back the ones that cause me to hide and feel ashamed.

Tapping is changing me, it's changing my life so I can show you my best self and share the wealth of knowledge I've learned. 

Let's get tapping the world is waiting for you to share your talents and passions! 

P.S. If you're not getting the results you'd like by doing tapping on your own don't get discouraged. There is a bit more to it. Find a trained practitioner to help you. Working with someone who can guide you through the web of emotions will be to your benefit. 

If you'd like to work with me contact me via my office number or email and we'll get you scheduled. We can skype, zoom or by phone whichever works best for you. If you live within driving distance then come on in! 


[email protected] 

"Thank You For Allowing Me To Be A Part Of Your Wellness Journey" L~                               


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