Changing Your Perspective

positive thoughts Feb 25, 2017

The way we look at things has everything to do with how we experience it. But is it that simple?

How we experience life comes from what we've experienced and how we were taught or shown the way to deal with those things. 

Let's say you came from a village that predominantly believed if you wore the color blue you would rarely get sick. And as you grow up you hardly ever saw anyone sick including yourself.  You become an adult and move from your village and begin to notice and learn about many different illnesses. You also don't see many people wearing the color blue, so you naturally see that as the reason for this suffering. You think 'if they would just change the color of their clothes....' 

But when you mention this to friends you made in this city they think you're nuts! They think 'how can the color I choose to wear help with preventing an illness?' 

Is this person from the small village nuts or has this been his experience, something he knows and trusts is truth.

Wouldn't our world be a better place if we stopped reacting to the things in front of us, stepped back and changed our perspective? 

What experience are you going to have once you change YOUR perspective? 


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