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It Really Only Takes A Minute A Day To Change How Your Brain Works! 

I'm a big fan of meditation. Any style from any teacher is OK by me. I know there are hundreds of people around our world teaching meditation. And of course, I have only been exposed to a few of them. But the ones I've seen are all able to transform your life by helping you become aware of your thought patterns, your habits of reacting to life. Your beliefs.  

Meditation should help you quiet the outside noise so you can 'watch' and 'listen' to your own thoughts and feelings. Once you become more familiar with them you will begin to notice what you are thinking during day to day life activities. This then helps you realize patterns of your thoughts, like how you feel about being stuck in traffic, or standing in line at the bank, or watching the news. After you've been paying attentions to your thoughts for a while you will begin to notice them and your feelings before you speak. THIS is when your life really starts to change!! 

You notice you will respond to someone with thoughtfulness instead of reacting to their words or actions. 

Our greatest researchers and thinking throughout the ages believes we are only using 10%-20% of our conscience mind. That means 80%-90% of our beliefs and actions are done from habit in our sub-conscience mind! Here's an example I think most of us can relate to. 

You have planned to make a stop after work, maybe to meet up with friends or stop by the local gas station to fill up your tank...but the next thing you realize you are nearly home! How did you get here? You really don't even remember driving past the exit you wanted to take. That is your sub-conscience mind 'thinking' out of habit. 

Meditation can help you stay present in anything you are doing, which reduces mistakes. It can calm your anxieties, lift depression, lower blood pressure, it will help you lose weight and so much more.

My first mentor in meditation was Jon Kabat-Zinn. He is Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, wow...that is a mouthful! Anyway, he has been a part of several studies proving how meditation can reduce physical pain. This is a big deal! When you can think your pain away you are tops in my book! 

These were ordinary people Jon had in his studies. The only differences between me and them were they were told that medicine had nothing more to offer them for their ailments. So they were offered to be a part of his groups where he taught them how to meditate. You can look up these studies if you are interested. 

As I mentioned above I've tried a few different types of meditation throughout the years, some are better for me during different situations. I have gone back to most of them from time to time. One reason I like to mix them up is I get bored doing the same thing all of the time. I have also gotten busy and forgot about doing it altogether...that is until I begin to notice being bugged by things or people. That's when I pull out one of my methods and start fresh!  

Lately, I've been crunched for time and I have many people asking for my full attention. So I started doing Kundalini Meditation, I'm doing a beginners series because I like refreshing my basics. Just because I know the protocol doesn't mean I couldn't improve. I seem to gain a better understanding of things after I've been away from it for awhile and then go back to it.  

I chose Kundalini Meditation because it is effective after only one minute, I can go up to 11 minutes if I chose, which I don't, but I know it is helping me mentally and physically. 

I start my day off with it to set the tone of clarity and calm. It really heats up my body and gets the blood flowing to get me moving for my day. 

Here is a place to start if you are interested in trying Kundalini Meditation. This is all you'll need to do, but if this type of meditation calls to you I encourage you to grab more resources and expand your practice! 

  • sit on the floor, on a pillow on the floor cross-legged or on the edge of a chair.
  • on both hands touch your thumb to your index finger. This is a mudra (a symbolic hand gesture) called Giyan or Jupiter. It is said this mudra ignites your knowledge
  • breath in 8 short quick breaths through your nose and out your nose 1 big breath. This takes time to feel comfortable with doing. If you find 8 in breaths too much air then do as many as you can and build to 8. Maybe start with 4.

do this breathing for 1 minute. If you want more you can do it up to 11 minutes. However, you will experience results with just 1 minute a day. Try it for 40 straight days. You will be amazed at your transformation! 

Click Here For A Short Video Of Kundalini For Beginners!





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