Chicken dinner for two costs less than $10.00!

This meal is so affordable and easy to put together.

Watch your Sunday grocery store flyers, when chicken thighs, bone-in, are on sale and go buy a few. They are usually around $2.00 lb. Our local grocery has them today for $1.79 lb and I got a 3 lb package which will give us 2 meals, dinner for two and lunch for one of us. It was $5.37 for the package. I like bone-in and skin-on because it gives the meat more flavor, keeps it moist and costs less.

Bok Choy is very affordable; you can get a stalk or two which is plenty for dinner at around $2.00. 

Brussel Sprouts have the biggest spread in cost. I've seen them for as little as $1.50 a pound or as high as $4.00 lb. One pound is more than we eat in one setting even when I’m making a salad with them.

The sprouts and bok choy are only examples, use whatever veggies your family enjoys. The point is it doesn’t cost much to eat really well.

Let’s add what I spent on this meal

$5.37 chicken plus one lunch

$2.00 bok choy with extra for another meal

$2.25 brussel sprouts with extra for another meal

$9.62 total with extra of everything 

I seasoned the chicken with cumin and S&P and then grilled it. I wrapped the sprouts in tinfoil after adding a slice of chopped bacon and 1/4 of an onion, diced. While these were cooking on the grill I seared the bok choy with 3 mushrooms I had in the fridge.

From start to finish it took me 15 min, not including heating the grill.

My clean-up was one skillet and our dinner plates with silverware. This took maybe 7 minutes.

We sat down caught up on our day, enjoyed a very nice dinner and even had fresh for cantaloupe dessert. 

What's for dinner at your house tonight? 

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