Hustle, Hustle, Hustle...Stop!

Do You Feel Like You Are Always On The Go? 

Our culture is all about doing. Do this, do that, go here, now go there, get this done, don't forget about doing that...and on we go...

We aren't human doings we are human beings. It's OK to just be, to take a break from all of the days' doings. It's ok to take a day to rest, to sip a cup of tea and read a good book. 

My dad passed a couple of years ago and my mom feels alone, they were together 65 years and she has never been on her own so this has been a big adjustment. For me too because my parents have always been very active, involved and healthy people. Mom was born and raised in this town and dad was raised in the town across the river. It's is a beautiful little river town in West Virginia. It is a 4-hour drive from my home which takes a lot of time away from my 'doings'. 

I love my mom very much and want to be there for her while she makes this adjustment but I have a business to run and a growing family I want to spend time with. So I burn the midnight oil and get up with the birds to keep things in a steady forward motion.

When I go 'home' I usually spend a couple of days helping out around the house and just spending time taking her shopping or whatever she would like to do. It seems like we are on the go from morning to evening, but this trip is different. Mom isn't feeling like doing much and it's raining a lot so that leaves me with some time to read...just read. 

This is not something I have done for a long long time. Well, I do generally read every night before I go to sleep but today I've read most of the day! It's been glorious, now in full disclosure what I'm reading isn't for pleasure it is connected with my work, BUT it is pleasurable! It rained most of the morning so I sat inside with the book in my lap. I got up a few times too but was quickly back in the recliner reading. I fixed a very nice lunch for mom and I and then headed out to the porch to read while the sun was breaking through the thick clouds. Came back in for a light dinner and realized the day had passed and I had read most of it! 

So why am I sharing all of this with you? Because it wasn't until dinner when I was struck at how long it's been since I've spent a day relaxing and reading. It's has been so long ago I can't remember the last time...and that is not good! 

As I said when I started this post we are human beings, not human doings. We deserve time, no...we need time to rest.  

Maybe reading isn't your thing, maybe you would like to sleep most of the day or lay out in your hammock and watch the sky. The point is it doesn't matter what you do or don't do just as long as you can relax. Relax your body and your mind.

Give yourself time to just be.  


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