Italian Chicken Recipe

I like cooking in the oven on these cold winter days. 

I looked at my weeks schedule and realized it was going to be a tough week to cook full meals unless I planned for them. As I was looking over the Sunday grocery store ads so I could figure out this weeks menu I heard on the news how cold it was going to be. That helped me narrow down what to cook, or at least how to cook.

Making dinner in the oven is wonderful for a couple of reasons. One, I am often chilly and walk around in the winter like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, all bundled up. When I have the oven on it warms up the house and I can remove my top layer for a couple of hours. The other reason is how good the house smells. The aromas of what is being baked fills the house and just has a comfort effect for me. 

I saw boneless, skinless chicken thighs on sale in the Sunday ad and thought I'd make an Italian marinated chicken dinner one night. I like doing meals that I can make ahead of time and then when I get home from work I can just pop it into the oven.

No Fuss No Muss!

The prep time was less than 10 minutes because chicken was already cleaned and ready to put in the marinate. All I really needed to do was mix up the Italian blend and pour it over the chicken I had placed in a glass dish. 

I use glass when I'm marinating anything with vinegar because I don't want the acids to break down an aluminum pan or aluminum foil lined pan. 

I also bought some fresh baby spinach and raspberries there were on sale to make a salad.

Here is the recipes for the marinade and salad dressing. 

Italian Chicken Marinade


extra virgin olive oil

red wine vinegar

Italian seasoning (I used Tuscan Sunset from Penzey Spices)

Depending on how much chicken you are fixing mix the oil and vinegar 2:1. For instance, if you are making;

2 lbs chicken thighs

1/2 cup evoo

1/4 red wine vinegar

1 Tlb of seasoning 

Raspberry Salad Dressing

2 tsp raspberry jelly or jam (I use homemade jam)

1-2 Tlb red wine vinegar, or enough to make the jelly thin so it can be poured over and blended well with the spinach, walnuts and berries. 

I put the chicken in a foil lined cake pan, popped it in the oven on 325* for 30-45* minutes (adjust time with size of chicken pieces)

I also baked a couple red skinned potatoes that I tossed with evoo and S&P. 

This dinner took 10 minutes of prep to mix the marinate. Two days later it took 10 minutes of prep to put the chicken and potatoes in the oven and about 5 minutes to blend the salad all together. 

Italian chicken with roasted red skinned potatoes and raspberry spinach salad. It's what's for dinner! 

I hope you give this a try and let me know what you think! 

"Thank You for Allowing Me To Be A Part Of Your Wellness Journey" L~         


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