STOP PAIN! Know What Foods To Avoid

 Food Is The Biggest Cause of Inflammation 

Yes! it's true, research has proven over and over again that certain foods cause inflammation and that inflammation is one of the main reasons for pain even colitis (IBD) and it sets up the perfect environment for disease. 

These foods have a high glycemic index which elevates insulin levels that then trigger several hormonal reactions some of which cause inflammation. These foods are easy to spot, well most of them are, to make it simpler to avoid but the easiest way to avoid them is to stick with whole foods. Oils are also a big culprit and not as easy to identify. Vegetable oils such as soy, corn, sunflower, safflower, or palm oil have a high concentration of the inflammatory fat, omega-6, and are low in the anti-inflammatory fat, omega-3. You have to read labels to avoid these because they are found in products from protein bars to whipped spreads. 

Buy foods that are in their natural form and ones that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and unneeded antibiotics. 

In short, you will want to avoid processed foods, refined sugar, and sugar substitutes and get to know your fats/oils. Buy meat that has been grass fed they are higher in omega 3s (anti-inflammatory fats) and poultry that is pasture raised. Buying eggs is a confusing task too so stick with labels that read organic, pasture raised eggs. They are stated to be the healthest and happist according to the Mother Earth News

Buying your food using these practices reduce the chance of inflammation in your body, and cause the growers of our foods to have higher standards. Westernized mass growing productions that use harmful chemicals and the processing of food for longer shelf life is the main cause of pain and disease

Eat whole, chemical-free, pasture raised foods then be amazed how good you feel!  

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