The #1 Tip to Stay Healthy in Your Mind, Body and Soul

Do you see her? 

She is outside my window every day! I look for all the ways nature is speaking to me. Some days it might be a bird singing so loud I have to stop and listen, another day it might be the smell after a long spring rain. 

I think one of the most important ways for me to stay healthy both in my emotions and in my body is to connect with Nature. 

Whether we can get outside or not there is always a window to peer out. Whether you live in the middle of the wilderness or in the heart of a city you can find Nature trying to get your attention. 

It doesn't matter if you need Encouragement or you just need a moment to breath Nature is always there to support you. How can Nature Encourage you? Take a walk in the spring and notice how the buds of a tree are wanting to burst open, do you think that's easy? Do you think that bud just happened on to the end of that stem or branch? Think about everything that had to go right for this bud to get in position to bloom. 

The sun was there shining its light and warmth giving the plant the energy and encouragement to bring about its buds. The plant needed to have the right nourishment from the soil. It may have needed at assistance from birds, bees or insects to pollinate. Not to mention a host of defenses that protected it from fungus and disease. 

Things don't just happen in Nature it takes a Village so to speak. So if you need encouragement take a walk outside and look around at all of the wondrous events that take place every moment of every day. It may ease you through your rough patch. Look at the shapes of a tree, like the bark in my tree that made my 'singing tree goddess', you will find something beautiful, something to Calm you or Encourage you if you just stop, look and listen. 



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