The Key to Happiness


What is Happiness and why does it elude many of us? How do we get it and why is it sometimes fleeting? 

These are some of the thoughts I've been having lately. As I look at my life and listen to the world's news it makes me wonder why we have so much hurt and sadness. It seems to be pervasive and has to be the reason for the drug abuse and acting out with anger. 

I am a lifelong learner in self-help. I have spent hours with mentors who have different perspectives on how to improve one's life. From exercise to meditation. From building wealth to chasing the happiness dream. My mentors are from all walks of life. I've studied at the feet of Swamii's and I have an extensive library on energy. Energy as it relates to Quantum Physics and how it works with Energy Medicine or the Art of Energy Healing. 

Due to all of my education, I may view the world a bit differently than some. I see everything as connected. I understand The Butterfly Effect - when a butterfly flaps it's wings in one part of the world it causes a wind storm in another part. If this is how our world works with so much hurt, fear and sadness throughout it has to affect each of us too.  

But...if we are affected by the negative then we have to be equally affected by the positive!

Energy doesn't judge it can only respond to our thoughts and actions. If we can feel the effects of something negative then we can also feel the good of happiness. 

So how do we get happy? I believe it's in becoming your purpose. Said another way; having a job that makes a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean you will be happy not if it costs you personal loss due to you spending all of your time focused on making that money or if the work you are doing isn't in alignment with your core values. Living this way can actually cost you the quality of life. I feel it's more important to find a job that helps you feel good inside. One you don't mind getting up for each day. 

There are many books on this subject and speakers who have discovered what their life's meaning is and they are out there trying to show us the way to uncover our purpose. I'm sure most of us have heard them sharing their story whether it's from the church podium or reading the latest book in our book club. Oprah had guest after guest talking about how they found peace of mind and happiness and NPR does the same on Wellness Wednesday.  

Why then, if there are resources at every turn are so many of us unhappy? I am not sure that I have the answers. In fact, I have many more questions than answers. What I do know is this. 

1. I choose to give each person the benefit of the doubt. Meaning I don't make up their story in my mind as to why they cut me off while driving. The truth is maybe they just found out they have cancer or got the news they are being laid off at work and that is why they were distracted and didn't see my car. 

2. I choose to wake up each morning and be the best person I can be. And I need to do this from one minute to the next because I'm not immune to taking things personally. 

3. I choose to remind myself that everything isn't about me! Just because someone looks at me in a way I think is wrong doesn't mean it's about me. 

4. I choose to take control of my thoughts. We are hardwired to remember the negative. It's an evolutionary thing for survival. We need to remember where danger is so we can avoid it. However, with meditation, I have become aware of what my thoughts are and can change that bad thought to a better one as soon as I hear it in my mind. 

5. I choose to not read parts in the newspaper, listen to the news or watch tv shows that spoil my mood. Our brains become conditioned to what it sees and hears on a regular basis.

6. I choose to value my sleep and get the rest my body needs on a regular basis. 

7. I choose to sit in a chair that supports my body instead of causing it to slump. I wear comfortable clothing and shoes that help me to stand tall. 

8. I choose to exercise my body and my mind to stay strong and flexible. To move my body each and every day. Maybe all I can do is take the stairs instead of taking the elevator or parking my car in the back of the parking lot. 

9. I choose food that has vitality. Whole fresh foods packed with nutrients, flavor, colors. 

10. I choose to let people be and do what makes them happy. Letting people find their own way to experiment if that's how they learn. Just let them be without judgment. 

11. I choose to continue my journey to find my life's purpose. I will pick up the next book that might have my key that unlocks my greatness. I will continue to listen to podcasts, webinars, and videos that inspire me to be the best person I can be at this moment. 

12. I choose to find a reason to laugh every day and share that laughter with someone.

13. I choose to be happy. It isn't always easy because I certainly have reasons to be sad but I don't have to stay sad. I have resources and people around me to lift me up and I ask for their help on a regular basis. 


I believe my life's purpose is to share the knowledge I've gained throughout my life to help anyone who it touches to find their happiness.

I do this through P-Positive Thoughts, R- Rest, A- Alignment, N-Nutrition, A- Action. PRANA - A Life-Giving Force 

If my words touch you and you think they may inspire someone else please feel free to pass this along. 

As Always;

"Thank You For Allowing Me To Be Apart Of Your Wellness Journey" L~            

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