You Eat 13 POUNDS of Sugar A Month!!!

13 POUNDS of Sugar Is Consumed By

The Average Person A Month! 

That’s according to Dr. Ian Smith in his new book Blast the Sugar Out. He states the average person eats 39 teaspoons of refined or added sugar daily at 19 calories per teaspoon. That equals 741 calories from just added sugar a day! 

That's a whole meal. From an article, in Living Strong, they post; a 2-ounce serving of grilled chicken, 1/3 cup of brown or wild rice, 1 cup of sauteed, steamed, roasted, or grilled vegetables like asparagus and mushrooms, a whole-wheat bread roll, and a serving of fresh fruit could provide a 340-calorie meal, 340 calories! You could eat 2 of these meals and still only add up to 680 useful calories

Why do I highlight useful calories? Refined sugar like white table sugar or the sugar that's added to our processed foods and drinks are empty calories. It doesn't have any useful nutrients our body needs to stay strong and healthy.   

In 2016 the AHA...

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OH GREAT! We Are Hard Wired For Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts Is Something We All Have

Actually, I've read it's part a part of how our mind is designed, or at least it's a working theory. 

Why?  Rick Hanson, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist, founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom, believes our ancestors had to remember the daily threats to avoid them. 'An individual who successfully avoided a threat would wake up the next morning and have another opportunity to collect a reward, but an individual who didn’t avoid the threat would have no such opportunity.'

Dr. Hanson believes it's part of the evolution of humans to be wired for negative thoughts. He says; our minds are like "Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones." We hold onto negative feelings and thoughts linger in part because we notice them faster in those around us.

Studies have shown we recognize angry feelings and facial expressions a bit quicker than we do happy ones. 

This is one of the...

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Mosquito Bites, Bee Stings, Black Fly Bites...OH MY!

Bug Bites Are The Worst! 

No one likes being a snack for a bug! Those bites itch and get irritated. Not to mention the unsightly red marks and welts they leave!

But, You Don't Have To Suffer!!!! The Remedy IS In Your Yard! 

It's TURE!! Plantain is the cure for all bug bites and bee stings. Most of us think of this as a weed, however, it is nature's way of stopping those annoying symptoms from being munched on by black flys or deer flys, mosquitos, no-see-ums, and bees. 

This jewel is probably growing all over your yard. If you don't have a yard look in a park or even alongside a road. 

There are a couple of things to be aware of before you use this or any other weed from your yard. 

  •  make sure it hasn't been treated with any lawn chemicals!!! 
  •  if you have pets that relieve themselves in your yard avoid gathering herbs/weeds where they might have been
  • if you gather herbs/weeds along a road, go as far off the road as you can get...
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Don't Eat Raw Mushrooms!!

Mushrooms Are Hard To Digest

Mushrooms can't be digested unless you soften their cell walls by cooking them. 

Whole foods are good for us, most are even better for our body when they're raw...but mushrooms are not one of them. They have a very tough outside cell wall that makes it next to impossible to digest unless it's been heated to begin the process. Heating them through releases their nutrients so our body can use all their goodness to support the immune system as well as others. They are loaded with minerals and vitamins and even have protein but it's of no use to us if the cell wall isn't broken down to liberate their health-giving components. Mushrooms also have a wide range of 'novel compounds' not found in other foods, which makes them a good addition to any diet. 

There are other reasons to cook your mushrooms. Raw mushrooms contain small amounts of toxins, including some compounds that are considered carcinogens. These are destroyed by cooking them...

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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Surround Your Self With The Dreamers...

and the doers, the believers, and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness in you even when you don't always see it yourself. 

You've probably heard before that you attract how you feel and think. But have you looked around at those in your life, your friends, the people who you connect with at work or even on social media? They will be those who reflect you what energy you are putting off. If you find yourself listening to the latest gossip, or being the one who is first called in a friend's newest drama take a step back and remember what you've been feeling and thinking lately. 

If you want to change professions or make more money. Maybe you'd like to find true love or get more fit.  You can do it in a couple of simple steps. 

The first thing you need to do is change your thoughts. Then visualize yourself in that new way, make sure to Dream BIG!! Don't hold anything back. If you want...

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3 Tips To Survive A Summer Cold On Vacation!

I Made It! I'm Finally Here at Yosemite to Hike Amongst Our Elders...

I have wanted to hike in the forests of the oldest and biggest trees in North America for so long and I'm finally here!! But, I'm sick. I have the worst summer cold, you know the one with a raging sore throat, fever and annoying cough. Plus the achy body where all you want to do is hide in a dark room. Yeah, that one. But I've planned this week out. I have the reservations across most of central California. And I'm going to enjoy myself! Here's what I did. 

Flying into San Fransisco, going to Alcatraz and wondering the wharfs then up to wine country and then into the forest of our elders. Those majestic beautiful trees that have seen and been through so much of the history of humans here in the Pacific North West.   

But...I don't feel much like hiking miles, mostly straight up to see her wonders. Or driving hundreds of miles from the coast inward on never ending winding roads....

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Stress Free Air Travel, 3 Tips You Need To Know!

Don't Get Stressed When Flying

I'm starting a long-overdue vacation today. My daughter and I will be sightseeing, wine tasting, beaching, and hiking over the next week. But to get to our destination city we need to fly. Let's be truthful here, although flying is much faster and often a more convenient way to travel it can be stressful! 

Besides the obvious ways to keep a smile on your face, like packing early, checking in with the airlines to be sure your flights are on-time, and having your tickets at the ready I have 3 things you may not have thought about. 

#1-  Staying hydrated. Did you know dehydration is one of the main reasons a body gets tired? 

A study done by the Natural Hydration Council showed that dehydration is a huge contributor to our nation's feeling tired. Dr. Roger Henderson, who is an adviser to the Natural Hydration Council, said: ‘I see many people in my surgery who are feeling tired all the time. He also states; 


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The Healthy Benefits of The Dandelion


 It's more important to know the person that has the disease than the disease that person has   Hippocrates 

This statement is worth repeating....again and again and again!  It's more important to know the person that has the disease than the disease that person has   Hippocrates 

This was my opener at my talk on the healthy benefits of the dandelion last week. Wouldn't it be great if our medical professionals were able to take the time to get to know us before they write that script? Well, the truth is it's rare to find a doctor that can take that time with each of their patients. So my approach is to prevent the disease from taking hold of us. 

Have you ever really looked at a dandelion bloom, it's like looking at the sun, so bright and giving. If we go deeper to learn how this tasty plant can support our health we'll learn it is packed with nourishment. Could this be why it is so abundant?...

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Creating Your Intentional Life

Creating an Intentional Life is Simple, meaning the action that needs to be taken isn't complicated.

However it does take Desire and Persistence.

Through the years since I've been on this journey of self-improvement I've stumbled and been at a loss for direction. I've ask for guidance and found many different mentors along the way. The one I am sharing with you today gave me the words when I didn't have them. It gave me hope when I couldn't see any. And it helped me to find the good in myself again. 

I've read it from time to time for many years when I needed that direction. So I'm sharing it with you today in hopes that it will find its way to whomever it needs to reach, as it found its way to me. 

This is a direct quote from the book "Ask and it is Given" pages 164-165.

I like being here, for I recognize the value and power of this time. I feel very good as I am here. And as I see myself, I see myself as a sort of total package, one that I know is of my own...

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Why This Year's Tick Season Might Be the Worst in Years and How to Protect Yourself

Homemade Tick Repellent

By now I'm sure you've heard how bad the ticks are this spring.

If not listen up...They are bad according to the ©2017 National Pest Management Association.

The CDC warns us that ticks carry bacteria, viruses, and parasites and when infected with these pathogens they can be passed on to us! When passed on by a tick they are known as Tick-Borne Diseases. 

Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Fever are a couple of the more common here in the USA but there are many others. Nearly 30k cases were reported as confirmed or probable in 2010. 

With the warmer winter across the USA, they are predicting a tick population explosion. 

It's important to know the signs of a tick bite and how to remove them properly but what I think is most important is how to prevent them from getting on you and your pets.

Homemade Tick Repellent

  • glass spray bottle (the essential oils can cause plastic bottles to leach toxins, do not use plastic bottles)
  • 2:1 white...
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