I Am Carrying An Extra 42 lbs Around... What! Why?

Could You Be Carrying Around an Extra 42 lbs and Not Even Know It? 

Yes, yes you could be. It doesn't seem right a person could be carrying around 42 extra pounds and not even know it! But it is happing all around us every day and it could be happening to you. 

No, it's not from body fat either! 

Most American's have some form of 'forward head posture' due to poor posture in general but mostly due to working at a computer, sitting in front of a TV, or looking down at the phone.

I struggle with this because I worked as a massage therapist for nearly 25 years and I have a long neck, to begin with. I have done strengthen exercises and done some lengthening of my chest and anterior neck through the years by not nearly enough to correct my bad posture. I'm no different than most other people I am a spurtter I do things in spurts. I notice my head being out of alignment from my spine and I start doing all the things I know to do to correct it and then life...

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How Do You Want To Age?

Let's face it. Each day we are another day older. Time goes on and we can't do anything about that...or...can we? 

I say YES WE CAN!! 

Ok, I know I can't really stop time, but I do believe I can age much slower. It has been proven again and again for many years that we are what we eat. We have been shown how eating refined sugars will age us faster, I've read that consuming refined sugar rusts our body from the inside out!! YIKES! Now that's a visual that stuck with me. 

We have been hearing more about how processed foods are very low in the nutrition we need to stay vibrant and healthy. 

The outrageous intake of pop/cola in our diet blows my mind!! Why? Because as far as I can read on the label it has nothing real in it! Nothing from a whole food group. They are packed with sugar or sugar substitutes. Now, don't get me wrong, I really like root beer, and ginger ale. I make it, yes make it! I use real sarsaparilla and sassafras in root beer, that's how it...

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CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO! Do You Have A Minute To Change Your Brain!

It Really Only Takes A Minute A Day To Change How Your Brain Works! 

I'm a big fan of meditation. Any style from any teacher is OK by me. I know there are hundreds of people around our world teaching meditation. And of course, I have only been exposed to a few of them. But the ones I've seen are all able to transform your life by helping you become aware of your thought patterns, your habits of reacting to life. Your beliefs.  

Meditation should help you quiet the outside noise so you can 'watch' and 'listen' to your own thoughts and feelings. Once you become more familiar with them you will begin to notice what you are thinking during the day to day life activities. This then helps you realize patterns of your thoughts, like how you feel about being stuck in traffic, or standing in line at the bank, or watching the news. After you've been paying attention to your thoughts for a while you will begin to notice them and your feelings before you speak. THIS is when your life...

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Once Again Mom Was Right When She Told Us To Take a Deep Breath and Count to 10...

I was searching the net for something and came across this...

Email Apnea was termed by Linda Stone, she had been suffering from a respiratory infection when her doc suggested a breathing technique which helped her immensely.  However, she noticed that when she started reading her emails she began holding her breath! 

In my wellness practice, I've coached many people through the years on becoming aware of how they 'hold' themselves during the day and surprisingly many of them find they hold their breath. 

They do this unconsciously. And it happens at different times for different people. Sometimes it's when they are in traffic, or focusing at work. It happens if someone talks to them they are uncomfortable with like their boss or a co-worker. 

I've had parents tell me they've noticed they hold their breath during parent-teacher conferences. 

So you see it happens a lot! But... it wasn't until I read this article on email apnea that I...

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Feel Your Best, All Day Every Day!

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn't!! And I can prove it to you! Better yet you can prove it to yourself. 

All you'll need to do is stay in bed for 5 extra minutes a day. 

Doing a few stretches before you leave the comfort and warmth of you bed each morning will help you feel your best all day long. 

Here are FIVE of my favorites to get you started:

  • knees to chest - bring one knee up to your chest and relax...feel your back soften and open, now lower that knee and bring the other one up and do the same thing. Now bring both knees up to your chest while you allow your back and body to relax
  • bend your knees, feet touching the bed, shoulders flat on the bed. slowly let your knees fall to one side. When you feel the pulling on your side slip a pillow under your knees so they can rest. As your back and side begin to lengthen slip the pillow out or adjust it so you can lengthen more. Continue to move the pillow until your knees are laying flat...
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Get Your Youth Back! In One Easy Step

Have you noticed you are feeling weaker? Maybe as you're walking around doing your holiday shopping you are feeling more tired than you used to. 

You can get your youth back in one easy step while you're brushing your teeth, talking on the phone, standing in line or even while you're washing dishes. 

One easy step, how can that be? you ask. Here's the answer. Stand on one foot. Yep! that's it!! Just stand on one foot while you are doing any, or better yet all, of the things I mentioned above. 

Maybe you are one of those lucky people who have a 'standing desk'. By standing on one foot you will become stronger that much quicker. It really is that easy! 

Here are a couple of tips to be sure you are getting the most from it. 

  • be sure the foot you are standing on is facing forward and your knee is over your ankle. This will prevent you from injuring yourself
  • be sure to tighten and keep tightened the leg you are standing on, otherwise you can strain that...
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Health; Create Yours Beginning Today!!

The human form was designed to be healthy. Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. 

As we grow up in our personal environment we begin to develop beliefs on how we should react to things, we learn how to eat and how to think about what happens to us and around us. 

These then become our habits...

Let's face it! habits aren't easy to break!! :-/

With the tools I offer in my online courses I can make it SO MUCH EASIER! 

I can offer you explanations on how you got the beliefs you have and interactive tools to change these beliefs/habits so you can reach the new goals you desire!! 

Keep an Eye Out for My Latest Class on Cooking Delicious, Easy, Healthy, Meals at Home!! 

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3 Tips for Renewed Energy

As summer winds down and we start into fall it's normal to slow down. It is how our seasons are designed.

Fall is meant to let go of the excess and the things we no longer need. But for many of us we're not quite ready.

In fact we still have so much that we want to accomplish but we are naturally beginning to wind down. 

The good news is you can still find Renewed Energy anytime of the year!!
Here are 3 Tips to Renew Your Energy
1) Open your blinds or turn on your lights if it's dark outside, this changes your brain chemistry to let your body know it's up-time!

2) Stretch! Research from the mayo clinic shows stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion in your joints. Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively.
Being flexible reduces tension which...

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Brain Fog

Did you know your brain needs fat to be healthy? 

It's true! the 'right' kind of fats are needed for your brain to have optimal function. This all begins in utero but it doesn't stop there. You need to continually feed your brain, and other parts of your body, with good fats to run at an optimal pace. 

If you’re like me you have been confused with all the information about the fats in our foods. Eat this, don’t eat that, too much of this will cause XYZ…it made my head spin. So I decided to learn from the experts, not the marketing experts, or some of the so called medical expert but from physiologists (the people who study how our body’s work) and botanists because the animals we eat eat plants. I wanted to have a better understanding of why we needed fat in our diet and where it should come from.

I knew the ‘low fat’ diets were not the answer to good physical health and wondered if it was good for our emotional health…. because...

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If you have or know someone with an autoimmune disorder than you know how much it can affect your day-to-day life. 

I was diagnosed in the 80’s with FM. At that time little was known about this disease I was offered an antidepressant and a support group.

I was in my late 20’s with a toddler and a new baby, which I was nursing, so taking meds was not something I wanted to do and who had time for a support group!! I did try it once which I came away feeling hopeless.

This began my search overcome my symptoms!

I can tell you with all honesty I live most days pain free!

How?! Through my diet at least this is a big part of it. I do other things to insure I have the energy, desire and ability to keep up with our 2 year old grandson and run two businesses but diet is a mainstay for my wellbeing. Oh and did I mention I have never taken any medication to treat my symptoms? Besides an occasional advil.

I’m releasing a course very soon with many of the things...

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