Your Moods, Are They Regulated In Your Gut?


It's me again with some surprising news! 

With the autumn season upon us and winter hanging out around the corner many of us will experience a change in the mood...and maybe not for the better. 

Some of this is directly related to SAD, seasonal affective disorder, but...some of it could be because we've been eating more sugary foods throughout the summer with cookouts and seasonal fruits in abundance not realizing how these foods throw off the microbiome of our digestive system. 

Said another way, eating too much sugar causes an imbalance of the bacteria in the gut. With more 'bad' yeast and bacteria it's harder for your digestive system to digest food properly. OH...and antibiotics kill the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria that cause illnesses...

With school back in session, you've probably noticed an uptake of colds, the flu, and other illnesses. When the doctor prescribes an antibiotic to battle the infection these...

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It's Better to DO Your Best...not be the best.


Do Your Best..

That's it! That is what each of us should strive for. Doing the best that we can do in the moment. 

Comparing yourself to another isn't a's a stressor! And stress is a beast. That kind of stress doesn't care what it hurts or who it hurts. It just degrades your thoughts always pointing out what you could have done better, and how dumb you are for trying it 'that' way. 

Over time...stress will break you down. It causes dis-ease, it destroys your joy, it destroys your health, it destroys your finances. IT IS A BEAST! 

But! it doesn't have to do any of these things. You...yes... You! can tame this beast. 

Here is a good place to start. Follow along with me on this video 

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Is Your Cell Phone Making You Sick?

Actually, all of your electronics are disrupting your brainwaves. And it's worse for children!!

This is so frightening but it's true. You should do your own research on this. However, everything I've read has made me a believer. Enough so I've gotten defusers for everyone in my family. 

You may have heard of EMF or electromagnetic-frequency and like a lot of info, you let it pass over you without giving it much thought. It takes a while for things to catch on, like how we are now understanding how cigarette smoking causes cancer and how are doctors are now telling us most of us are Vitamin D deficient, and how the UVA and UVB rays from getting a sunburn when we were young or consistent exposure to these harmful rays (especially tanning beds) cause skin cancer. Most people didn't listen to those earlier whistleblowers. 

The studies I've read are pretty convincing for me to jump on the EMF bandwagon now because I am sensitive to energy frequencies and vibrations...

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The Key to Happiness


What is Happiness and why does it elude many of us? How do we get it and why is it sometimes fleeting? 

These are some of the thoughts I've been having lately. As I look at my life and listen to the world's news it makes me wonder why we have so much hurt and sadness. It seems to be pervasive and has to be the reason for the drug abuse and acting out with anger. 

I am a lifelong learner of self-help. I have spent hours with mentors who have different perspectives on how to improve one's life. From exercise to meditation. From building wealth to chasing the happiness dream. My mentors are from all walks of life. I've studied at the feet of Swamii's and I have an extensive library on energy. Energy as it relates to Quantum Physics and how it works with Energy Medicine or the Art of Energy Healing. 

Due to all of my education, I may view the world a bit differently than some. I see everything as connected. I understand The...

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Why Diets Don't Work!

We've All Tried The Fad Diets...

and the weight loss drinks and eating salads every day...and ... and... why can't I find something that really works to lose these extra pounds?! If this sounds like you then...

Read on to learn some reasons why! 

Losing weight and maintaining that optimal weight isn't something a fad diet will fix, sure you might lose a little weight but how much did you gain back as soon as you stopped that diet? 

The answer isn't a simple one and this isn't the place to dive deep into the complexities. Here I'll talk about the simple answer.

All too often fad diets and detoxes are designed to drop 1-11 lbs of water weight and fecal matter. Yea, I said it...poop. Many people have a whole lot of extra weight because they don't empty their bowels daily. (Which is one reason for chronic illnesses and acne, but that's a different post). 

When you stick with a fad diet for a month or so or you do a 1-7 day detox it will cause your body to...

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Are You Reaching Your Wellness Goals?

If You Aren't Reaching Your Wellness Goals You Need To Look At These 5 Areas More Closely 

PRANA - A Life-Giving Force is an acronym I have used to build a successful wellness program. I've found if one of these areas is missing or lacking often it is hard to reach and maintain any goal you have set for yourself,  especially when it comes to Health, Happiness, and overall Wellbeing. 

I've been in the Wellness business since the early '90s and I've tried many ideas and programs that seem like they would help me go through my day without pain and keeping a genuine smile on my face. 

Not long after the birth of my second child when busyness and stress were at their highest in my world I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The medical community doesn't know much about this syndrome and in the 80's they knew even less about it. What they were offering as treatment didn't work for me so I went on a quest to live a happy life free from pain. 

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Don't Put It Down, Put It Away

A Cluttered Life Equals a Cluttered Mind

Princeton University Neuroscience Institute has been researching how clutter affects our mind and productivity. What they've learned is worthwhile hearing about. 

This came from the January 2011 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience;

Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout the visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system.

It's hard to focus if your surroundings have a lot going on. The clutter inhibits the brains' ability to process information. It distracts and confuses the mind. 

How does this happen? Good question! It appears that clutter or a busy environment 'competes' for attention. You see it in your peripheral vision so your mind wants to check it out even when you know what it is. This constant 'noise' which is always there vying...

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4 Stretches Before Getting Out of Bed


Move Through Your Day With Confidence 

Want to feel great throughout the whole day? Ya! Sign Me Up! 

We all know when you feel good you look better, when you look better you act better and how you act gets translated into how you carry yourself. 

Doing these 4 simple stretches before getting out of bed each morning can improve how you feel and build your confidence. The way you carry yourself is central to how you move through your day. When you have a flexible body you have a flexible mind. Little things don't seem to bother you and bigger things can be given the response they need instead of reacting out of frustrations or old habits. 

Give these stretches a try each and every morning for the next 30 days. Be sure to write down how you feel in body, mind, and spirit before you start on day 0. Then reassess on day 15 and finally on day 30. 

If you like to journal then do it more often, but if you are like me and think the concept of journaling is...

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How Do You Want To Age?

Let's face it. Each day we are another day older. Time goes on and we can't do anything about that...or...can we? 

I say YES WE CAN!! 

Ok, I know I can't really stop time, but I do believe I can age much slower. It has been proven again and again for many years that we are what we eat. We have been shown how eating refined sugars will age us faster, I've read that consuming refined sugar rusts our body from the inside out!! YIKES! Now that's a visual that stuck with me. 

We have been hearing more about how processed foods are very low in the nutrition we need to stay vibrant and healthy. 

The outrageous intake of pop/cola in our diet blows my mind!! Why? Because as far as I can read on the label it has nothing real in it! Nothing from a whole food group. They are packed with sugar or sugar substitutes. Now, don't get me wrong, I really like root beer, and ginger ale. I make it, yes make it! I use real sarsaparilla and sassafras in root beer, that's how it...

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Hustle, Hustle, Hustle...Stop!

Do You Feel Like You Are Always On The Go? 

Our culture is all about doing. Do this, do that, go here, now go there, get this done, don't forget about doing that...and on we go...

We aren't human doings we are human beings. It's OK to just be, to take a break from all of the days' doings. It's ok to take a day to rest, to sip a cup of tea, and read a good book. 

My dad passed a couple of years ago and my mom feels alone, they were together 65 years and she has never been on her own so this has been a big adjustment. For me too because my parents have always been very active, involved, and healthy people. Mom was born and raised in this town and dad was raised in the town across the river. It's is a beautiful little river town in West Virginia. It is a 4-hour drive from my home which takes a lot of time away from my 'doings'. 

I love my mom very much and want to be there for her while she makes this adjustment but I have a business to run and a growing family I want to...

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