I Am Manifesting

I AM Manifesting

At every moment from birth to death I am manifesting...and so are You! You may have seen something I've written before on this subject. I'm doing it here and will do it again because it's that important and I know I need to be reminded of it regularly so I want to offer a reminder to you too. 

We become what we think and feel...period. Yesterday's thoughts become tomorrow's reality. How does this happen? Here is my understanding of this process. 

What we think creates emotions, it's not often we have a neutral emotion, meaning neither good nor bad feeling about a thought. The thought may be very subtle but we will have a feeling about our thoughts.

This happens due to our survival as a species. The way our body works is still rooted in our fight or flight mechanism within our nervous systems. For our nervous system to receive any signal, we need to have an emotion, a vibration attached to it. This then allows our mind to choose how we will react...

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