Positive Thoughts

Ready to live your intentional life?

A good place to start is with your thoughts. That's right, your thoughts are what forms your future.

I have put together all the resources you need to change your world starting today. I've finally completed the courses based on P-R-A-N-A a Life-Giving Force. The first in this series is P - Positive Thoughts. This course or module is a step by step guide with many different resources to use throughout the rest of your life. Some of these techniques can be taught starting as young as 2-3 years of age and utilized from then forward. And it's never too late to start because what you think today will be your future. 

I've personally used everything in the 6 lessons within the first module of P-R-A-N-A, Positive Thoughts. The wonderful thing about what I'm sharing here is you can use what you need when you need it and then again years later. These techniques are easy to learn and easy to get results and timeless! 

Here is a text someone sent to me last week; Thanks for the work you've been doing with my wife. She was a basket case before you got ahold of her. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your help. 

Here is one from last month; I needed to let you know what happened to me at work today. I was giving my notice when I was asked to wait for 24 hours. This morning when I came into a meeting with my boss and his boss they offered me a 50% raise!!! I was stunned...I know this has happened because of the work you have been doing with me. All of the things you've taught me has brought me to a job I love and a salary that is way above and beyond what I had ever imagined. Thank You!! 

As you can see this isn't hipe. The techniques I'll be teaching you are founded in history, they are respected and used in our traditional psychology treatments because they work. 

You can't afford to wait any longer to be intentional with living your life. Because you know what...life happens even if you do nothing...it just might not be the life you desire. 

I'm feeling really generous right now and slashing the cost of ALL P-R-A-N-A products. That's right for a short time you can own any of the P-R-A-N-A courses at a fraction of its value. 

I was talking to my business coach yesterday and he convinced me to slash the prices for all of my courses for the next 30 days. 

The P-R-A-N-A course package is valued at $3900.00 and you could own all 5 of them today for less than $1000.00! CRAZY RIGHT! (you can thank Mike). Or you can buy just one for $197.00. 

Each module within P-R-A-N-A has videos and downloads as well as step-by-step instructions for ease of use. 

I'll walk you through all of the resources I've spent thousands of dollars and years learning about and then perfecting in my LifeStyle Coaching practice. For a short time, you can buy each module of P-R-A-N-A separately for next to nothing. I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind! 


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