P-R-A-N-A a Life-Giving Force over 50% off

P-R-A-N-A - A Life-Giving Force is based on my 5 Pillars of Health

P- Positive Thoughts

R- Rest

A- Alignment

N- Nutrition

A- Action

I've been in the Wellness business since 1994. I've always been interested in health but it wasn't until my health was challenged in my 20's that I began to learn how important it is. 

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 28 years old. At that time there was very little understanding of the cause. The medical community was doing their best to treat this syndrome but it didn't work for everyone, myself included. 

I'm a problem solver and went on a quest to find out how I could stop the pain I was having so I could be a good mom and to enjoy my life with my very young family. 

I realized changing one area in my life, like my diet, was only giving me temporary relief. The more I read the more I understood how the body works. 

It's not a machine that can be taken apart and treated or fixed. The body works as a unit. Everything needs the other to work efficiently and that's including emotions. 

Once I began to pay attention to what my thoughts were and how those thoughts made me feel I realized I was feeling bad and making bad choices because of what I was telling myself! Plus, as a mom of a toddler and an infant, I wasn't getting good sleep. This caused me to 'crave' foods that would give me instant energy. Unfortunately, those foods weren't giving my body the nourishment it needed.  

Now I understood why I was in this downward cycle!  

I don't remember what step I took first in P-R-A-N-A  but it was probably getting outside and moving more. We lived within walking distance of the library and that was where I got most of my resources to overcome the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. After implementing each of my 5 Pillars of Health I felt like myself again. 

I was sleeping, and so were my girls! I began to feel like cooking so my body got stronger. I learned how to meditate and do yoga which gave me happy thoughts. I had a positive outlook on life.

Steadily, my life changed for the better. 

That's when I decided to go into business for myself. Teaching others the importance of living a wholistic lifestyle. No, I didn't miss spell wholistic. I chose to use the word whole because without incorporating our whole being, mind, body, and spirit, there will only be temporary health! 

Please enjoy this offer and pass it along to anyone you think could benefit from it. 

Because Together We Can Make A Difference!

~Let Wellness Work For You~


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