Wealth thru Wellness Programs; Letting Wellness Work for You!

 Your Employees Are Draining Your Profits...

Wealth thru Wellness Will Seal Those Leaks Forever!

Wealth thru Wellness is an onsite step-by-step guide to a successful and sustainable Workplace Wellness Program. Utilizing a 5 pillar of health approach improves the overall health and well-being of your employee by educating your staff on how easy it is to be proactive in making healthy lifestyle choices which will increase their productivity improve their health and increase the profits in your company!

Leesa Scott, LMT, CST has owned an operated a Wellness practice since 1994. She built this practice through physician referrals where she soon caught the eye of The Ohio State Medical Center. Leesa, along with a few other experts in their field of Wellness, was asked to help open The Center for Integrative Medicine at OSU.  Her extensive education in Wellness has been her passion and offered her opportunities to teach both Nationally and Internationally. 

Through these years Leesa has recognized how conventional medicine and wellness programs aren't typically successful long-term which caused her to develop and implement the Wealth thru Wellness Programs in her private practice. The results of her clients blow her away! After 25 years in private practice, Leesa decided to bring this information to businesses to help them help their employees and increase their company's profits. 

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise offer a lot of value for increasing the overall health and wellness of each participant. They do this by giving personalized attention to the needs of your employees in each of the 5 pillars of health which are; Positive Thoughts, Rest, Alignment, Nutrition, and Action.

Each of your employees who participate in the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise courses will have access to the videos and downloads that are found throughout the 20 lessons. I will also be onsite six times offering guidance and clarifications so everyone will get the most out of the WtW program. 

Wise builds on the foundations of the Healthy & Wealthy courses giving you and your employees even more resources and understanding of how to improve their overall wellness so they can increase their productivity, bettering their health and increasing your company's profits! 

By completing all three levels everyone joining the Wise group will be able to master their life choices and have the best support to function at their highest potential allowing Wellness to Work For You!

All of the techniques taught in the Wealth thru Wellness programs can be taught to the very young into retirement age and beyond. These lessons and techniques will become habits to be passed along for generations helping our workforces to have a better work/life balance. Which will affect our communities and our world! 


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